Zest LOCATOR R-Tx® Retention Insert Cap, High Retention, Clear (4 Pack)


$ 30.00

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This product is made by Zest in USA for LOCATOR R-Tx® System only! 

Genuine Zest Nylon Inserts designed to engage dual retentive surfaces on the exterior of Anchor.  This helps prevent  debris and plaque accumulation within the drive mechanism from impacting proper seating.  New and improved design of caps resists edge deformation.  Featuring simple retention values - Zero, Low, Medium and High.  All available separately.

This products requires Zest LOCATOR R-Tx® Custom Retention Insert Tool (Part No: 30021-01) for proper installation and to prevent damage to caps.

System:  Zest LOCATOR R-TX® 
Retention:  High
Color:  Clear
Package:  4-Pack
Cat No:  30004-01