Zest LOCATOR R-Tx® Limited Range Inserts Processing Package (2 Pack)


System:  Zest LOCATOR R-TX® 
Type:  Processing Package
Color:  Assorted
Package:  2-Pack
Cat No:  30030-01

This product is made by Zest Anchors in USA for LOCATOR R-Tx® System only! 

NEW LOCATOR R-Tx® Limited Range (aka Standard) Processing package will all new  Inserts, that are intended for patients with 10 degrees or less of implant divergence. In these cases, the Limited Range Inserts provide a tighter, more secure fit for patients wanting more stability!

Package Includes:
2- Metal Housing
2- Laboratory Processing Insert
2- Low Retention Insert Limited Range (Aqua)
2- Medium Retention Insert Limited Range (Magenta)
2- High Retention Insert Limited Range (Gold)
2- Block-out Spacer

All available separately.  Abutment shown not included.

This products requires Zest LOCATOR R-Tx® Custom Retention Insert Tool (Part No: 30021-01) for proper installation and to prevent damage to caps/inserts.