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Traus SUS10 Piezo + Surgical Implant Motor Combination Set 20:1 (Optic)


Traus SUS10 Set is Ultrasonic Piezo + Implant Dual Engine Stable and Powerful Output in one unit.

Complete set includes: controller and pedal, 1 Piezo Handpiece, 1 Motor, 1 20:1 Angle Handpiece, 2 handpiece stands, 10 piezo tips with tip holder, handpiece cage, irrigation clip, tube holders, 2 poles for irrigation and accessories.  Motor auto-calibration function. E-type motor with ISO standard connection. Actual speed and torque displayed. Automatic overload protection system. 9 program memory functions. Motor & angle are autoclavable.

  • TRAUS PEZ10XX - Piezo handpiece
         - 10 Tips in Holder, 81g
  • TRAUS CRB26LX - Contra Angle Handpiece
         - Optic, 20:1, RPM Range 15-2000
         - 70Ncm Torque, Weight 82g
  • TRAUS MBP10SL - E-Type BLDC motor
    - Optic 40,000RPM, Weight 9.5oz
  • TRAUS XUS10 - Control Box
         - Dimension W233 x D269 x H120, 6.2 lbs
         - Max Torque
  • Foot Pedal, Sterilization case and Accessories

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