Solid Multiunit 30º Angled Abutment, Premium Kit SP (2 heights)


$ 144.90

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Our new Solid Multi Fix 30º Angled Abutments feature a one-piece design, which built on advantages of screw retained line and allow restoration in various clinical procedures from maxilla and mandible areas to single tooth, partial and full edentulous jaw.

This PREMIUM Kit contains following components:
-Multiunit Abutment
-Open Transfer
-Closed Transfer
-Titanium Sleeve
-Plastic Sleeve
-Comfort Cap
-2 Upper Screws
-Lower Fixation Screw
-Long Positioning Handle

System is based on the well proven Standard Internal Hex Platform (SP) and compatible with all brands utilizing platform (3.5mm-3.8mm).  There are 2 available gingiva heights : 1mm and 2mm. Angled Abutment requires standard 1.25mm hex driver for placement.

Cat No - Shoulder Height
6231S - 1mm
6232S - 2mm