Smart Short Implant SP (Standard Platform)


$ 125.00 $ 150.00

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The Smart Short SP implant design represents an evolutionary development for IQ Implants most popular line.    Short implants offer an alternative option for dentist in cases where there is an insufficient bone height.  Sinus lift graft procedures, vertical bone augmentation, nerve transposition are all more difficult, costly and less predictable techniques.

Smart Short SP implants offers a viable option of leaving edentulous jaw section without an implant at all or to install at least one as a support for one or more conventional implants.  

What sets this implant apart is the evolutionary feature of it's unique split design - 5mm of intra-bony length in addition to a 1.5mm portion extending into the gingiva.

Featuring Standard Internal Hex platform allows utilization of all extensive prosthetics options offered by SP platform.   Smart Short SP implants come in 4 diameters:  4.2, 5, 6 and 7mm.