Smart Implant SP (Standard Platform)


$ 125.00 $ 150.00

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Smart implants are root-form, screw type tapered endosseous titanium implants with a variable double thread design. Micro-threads in the cervical part of the implant for improved tissue attachment, reduced stress and increased stability. Below progressively deeper double-lead threads for increased surface area and faster insertion. Smart implant is self-tapping and self-drilling implant.  They are especially good  for soft bone and for immediate placement and immediate loading.

Implant / abutment connection also in form of internal hex provides stable connection, better antitorque resistance, prevents rotation of attached components and thus better stability of the implant.

This implant features STANDARD PLATFORM of 3.75mm across the whole range from 3.3mm to 6.00mm diameter implants greatly simplifying prosthetics fitment.