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Smart Implant NP (Narrow Platform)


Narrow SMART NP IQ implants have 3.0mm prosthetic platform. They are very useful in cases with narrow alveolar ridge or when the space is limited between adjacent teeth. Smart NP has not been cleared by FDA for sale in USA.

Smart NP implant is a 2-piece implant designed and developed for narrow ridge situations.  A small-diameter implant should offer uncompromising strength as well as full prosthetic versatility.  The Smart NP offers the benefit of a small diameter while providing the universal restorative platform.

The internally hexed Smart NP 3.0mm implant allows clinicians to easily and predictably treat maxillary lateral incisor or mandibular central and lateral incisor cases that, due to narrow surgical and restorative spaces, couldn't be treated in the past.  And, with prosthetic options like special narrow Healing Caps, Transfer Copings, Straight and Angled Abutments, you can provide your patients with highly aesthetic restorations.