Zest LOCATOR R-Tx Limited Range Retention Insert Cap, Medium Retention, Magenta (4 Pack)


$ 30.00

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This product is made by Zest in USA for LOCATOR R-Tx System only! 

NEW LOCATOR R-Tx® Limited Range Inserts are intended for patients with 10 degrees or less of divergence. In these cases, the Limited Range Inserts provide a tighter, more secure fit for those wanting more stability!

Magenta = Medium Retention for Limited Range R-Tx

This products requires Zest LOCATOR R-Tx® Custom Retention Insert Tool (Part No: 30021-01) for proper installation and to prevent damage to caps.

System:  Zest LOCATOR R-Tx
Retention:  Limited Range - Medium
Color:  Magenta (Purple)
Package:  4-Pack
Cat No:  30028-01