IQ-Rhein OT Bar Multiuse Kit - Essential Lab Parts, Caps and Connectors


$ 169.00

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Product:  OT Bar Multiuse & Connectors Kit
     2  Castable Bars
     4  Positioner Clips A
     4  Positioner Clips B
     4  Castable Boxes
     4  Pink Clips (Soft Retention - 1.76lbs)
     4  Yellow Clips (Medium Retention - 2.87lbs)
     2  Connectors
     1  Gengival Connector
Cat No:  7000-0210BM

The OT Bar Multiuse is designed with a 4 point retentive system. This unique system provides superior retention and can be utilized for both rigid and resilient functionality. With it's innovative two-sided design (Side A is rounded and Side B is flat), depending on the indication, either side can be used. If a resilient solution is required the bar is positioned with the flat side facing up or if a rigid solution is required then the bar is positioned with the round side facing up. OT Bar Multiuse can also be used as a connecting bar between canines in the anterior region.

OT Bar Multiuse and the cast housing are fabricated directly on the master model saving time by eliminating the need for duplication.