IQ IMPLANTS® Smart & Master EQUATOR Internal Hex SP 3.75 Platform


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IQ Implants introduces OT Equator, the newest line of exceptionally low profile overdenture attachments. With a low vertical profile of 2.1 mm and diameter of 4.4 mm OT Equator is the smallest attachment system on the market.

System:                 OT Equator®
Implant Brand:     IQ IMPLANTS®
Implant System:   SMART SP, SMART Short SP, MASTER SP 
Platform:              3.75mm
Package:               1pc ALL-IN-ONE Packaging

• 1 OT EQUATOR Titanium + TiN Attachment
• 1 Stainless Steel Housing
• 1 Protective Disc
• 4 Retentive Caps (1 extra-soft, 1 soft, 1 standard, 1 strong)
This abutment requires standard 1.25mm Hex driver for placement.  Due to its lower radius, OT EQUATOR is indicated to correct divergence up to 25 degrees.  Where divergence is 25-50 degrees, use of SMART BOX Housing is a recommended option.