IQ EQUATOR Retentive Caps Strong, Violet 2.7kg/5.9lbs (20-Pack)


$ 130.00

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System Fit:  IQ EQUATOR and compatibles
Retention Strength:  2.7kg/5.9lbs.  Rigid/Strong. 
Color:  Violet
Package:  20-Pack
Cat No:  140CEV20-IQ

Genuine original replacement retentive caps for IQ Equator System.
Suggested time of use in mouth: 12 Months!!!

Direct replacement for the following compatible systems:
Rhein83 - OT Equator
Biohorizons - OD Secure
Alpha Bio - Alpha Loc
Neodent - CM & GM Equator (O-Ring)
Megagen - Meg-Rhein
MIS - OT Equator
Neoss - Equator

Requires Retention Caps Inserter/Extractor Essential Tool (Cat No: 488EIP-IQ) not included.