Hex Driver with Hand (Thumb) Knob, 1.25mm (0.50") by Zest Anchors


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Hand Hex Driver 1.25mm (0.05") for prosthetic components, including Zest Locator R-Tx anchors.   This drivers will fit any 4x4 sqaure head wrench.   In addition, in comes with the Hand (Thumb) knob, which allows for the driver to be used by hand without the wrench.  This knob will accomadate any 4x4 sqaure head drivers.   Made in USA by Zest Anchors.  

Type:  Hand Hex Driver, 1.25mm (0.05")
Tip Length:  6.4mm
Total Length:   16mm
Type:  Hand (Thumb) Knob for 4x4 Square top drivers 
Pack: 1pc
Cat No:  08007