Cuff Height Measuring Tool Kit


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Cuff Height Measuring Tool determines exactly the height of the transmucosal route for any implant system with any connection, internal or external.

Simple to use, counting on the colors that determine and correspond to the different heights, this instrument measures the height of the tissue precisely from 0.5 to 7 mm. The kit contains a height indicator with rotating plate, a fixed rod height indicator with disposable silicone ring and a dispenser with 20 spare rings.

Instruction of Use:
Keep the rotating plate completely unscrewed on the opposite side of the pivot.
• Insert the pivot into the system, make sure that it rests well on the base of the system.
• Hold the pivot firmly in place and turn the rotating plate clockwise until it touches the crest.
• Remove the measurer, look at corresponding color-ring to the position of the plate to determine the height.
• The height is measured in millimeters
• When a colored ring is completely covered, it is preferable to consider the color and the height immediately above.

Cat No:  008MBG-IQ