Broken Screw Extractor Kit for IQ Implants and Compatibles


$ 299.00

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Product:  Broken Screw Extractor Kit
     1  Manual Centering Device
     1  Positioner
     1  Claw Reamer Bur
     4  Reverse Cutting Bur
Cat No:  680-IQ

With Broken Screw Extractor Kit it is possible to remove a broken screw from an implant if it has not been bonded or damaged during previous attempts to remove it. 

The extractor kit includes two types of burs; a claw reamer bur and reverse cutting bur. In addition, the kit includes manual centering devices to hold the burs in place during the procedure.  In 90% of cases, the broken screw can be removed easily with the claw reamer bur.  However if the broken screw is firmly stucked inside the implant, the reverse cutting bur must be used.
Designed to work with multiple compatible systems that feature 3.5-4.5mm internal hex platform.