Ball Abutment Denture Replacement Housing Assembly (4 Pack)


All new Denture Replacement Assembly for 2.5mm Ball Abutments.
Included Stainless Housing and Laboratory Processing Cap.

The new stainless steel housing design offers reduced size and additional stability.  It can be placed directly in the resin, welded or bonded to the frame.

This assembly is suitable for all platforms (NP, SP and WP) and could be used on ball abutments from any implant systems, that utilize standard 2.5mm ball design.

Manufactured in close cooperation with Rhein83 for proven quality and superior design.

Fits Ball Size:  2.5mm
Package:  4-Pack
Cat No:  3509-4 

Requires Retention Caps Inserter/Extractor Essential Tool (Cat No: 3530) not included.