Classic Multiunit 30º Angled Abutment Premium Kit (3 heights), SP


Angled 30º Classic MultiUnit Titanium Abutment Kit includes following 9 components:
  • 1 Angled 30º Multiunit Abutment
  • Upper Screw
  • Lower Screw
  • Plastic Sleeve
  • Titanium Sleeve
  • Open Transfer
  • Closed Transfer
  • Analog
  • Healing/Comfort Cap

Angled Multiunit Titanium Abutment for Dental Implants with Internal Hex.  There are 3 available gingiva heights : 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm.
Compatible with all dental implants with internal hex and regular prosthetic platform - 3.5/3.75/3.80 mm.

Multiunit abutment requires special driver cat No 6111 and reg hex driver of 1.25mm.

 Cat No Gingiva Height
6031K 1mm
6032K 2mm
6033K 3mm