AMZ-CA Universal Retention Caps Insertion/Extraction Tool for 2.5mm Balls/Locators/Equators/OD Secure


$ 72.00

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This exclusive and unique Essential tool specifically designed for insertion and removal of the retention caps into/from metal housings in dentures.   Simplifies process and prevents damage to the delicate caps.

This tool could be used on various sizes of caps manufactured by most popular brands.  Featuring dual 2.5mm tips for caps with and without middle pin along with proprietary caps removal tip.   This is only tool of its kind to cover world's most popular overdenture systems.

Approved for use on the following systems:
   -IQ-Ball Abutments System
   -Mini implants with 2.5mm Ball
   -IQ-Equator/OD Secure and all compatible systems
   -Zest Classic Locator Legacy Standard and Extended Caps!
   -Zest Locator R-Tx 

Package:  1pc
Cat No:  0488EIP-IQ