Prosthetic Kit for Zest Locators and Locators R-Tx with 30Ncm Wrench, 6pcs


$ 349.00 $ 493.00

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IQ Implants presents unique and exclusive kit for Locator Legacy (aka Classic) and Locator R-Tx anchors.   This kit features popular 30Ncm Torque Wrench, Thumb knob for manual insertion and all required drivers for both systems.  Since wrench accepts standard square head drivers, this kit could be expanded by adding drivers for any other system and making it universal. 

Kit includes following tools:

  • Zest 30Ncm Torque Wrench (Square Drive Connection)
  • Zest Thumb Knob Wrench (Square Drive connection)
  • Zest 15mm LOCATOR Insert Driver (Square Drive Connection)
  • Zest 21mm LOCATOR Insert Driver (Square Drive Connection)
  • Zest 0.50" (1.25mm) LOCATOR R-Tx Hex Driver (Square Drive Connection)
  • IQI Exclusive Prosthetic Kit Tray

Cat No:  8001