Logic Implant


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As of 2024 we no longer maintain stock of LOGIC implants in the USA for a regular sale.  Remaining limited stock is shown here while supplies last.   However, LOGIC implants are still be available as a Special Order item.  This statement does not apply to our contractual and educational customers.  LOGIC implants ARE NOT discontinued. 

Logic is one-piece small-diameter implant with the abutment permanently attached. They are self-tapping for ease of insertion.

These implants can be used successfully in a variety of clinical situations. It must be emphasized that the reduced surface area of these implants requires correct treatment planning so that loading forces do not cause bone loss or implant failure. The reduced costs of treatment for the patient and less invasive surgery for placement is an advantage. The use of small-diameter implants is ideal for replacing
maxillary lateral incisors and mandibular centrals and laterals. It is often in these areas that only 5mm to 6mm of bone are available between a missing tooth.  A CT scan is needed in these situations so that the exact spacing from an axial view can be ascertained.  Another reason for a CT scan is to avoid excessive
angulations and the need to overprep the abutment on the one-piece implants.