Zest/ELOS Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench 30-70Ncm


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The Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench is a 70 Ncm 4x4 square connection torque wrench and used for the final surgical placement.   Perfect for Locators or LODI's.  Since It will allow to be torqued up to 70 NCM to bone level, this wrench is suitable for placement of any components that require torque.. 

Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench is compatible with the following partial drivers list:

  • 08926 - LOCATOR square driver torque wrench insert
  • 04936 - LOCATOR R-Tx .050 (1.25mm) Hex driver
  • 10028 - LOCATOR F-Tx square driver
  • All IQ Implants manufactured wrench drivers with square top

This wrench is made by ELOS Medtech and has become an industry standard for many brands, such as Zest, Nobel and many others.   Made of high quality and precision. 

Package includes: Torque Indicating Ratchet Wrench and thumb knob (SKU: 07463-M)
Cat No:  07362-SB