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Straight Shoulder Abutment for Wide 4.5mm Platform, Variety Pack WP (12 Pack)


Shouldered Straight titanium abutment for dental implants with a wide 4.5mm internal hex prosthetic platform (WP).   Prefabricated chamfer ensures perfect fit for casted copings. Each abutment comes packaged with a titanium fixation screw.  Available in 4 shoulder heights.
IQ Implants products do not utilize this platform.  
Designed for other brands that feature 4.5mm prosthetic internal hex platform.
Variety Pack of all 4 heights( 3pcs of each size)

Shoulder Height: 1/2/3/4mm
Abutment Width: 5.1mm
Package:  3pcs x4 heights = 12pcs
Cat No:  3031-45